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Jules Standish Colour Consultant

Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with amazing people and am grateful for all the complimentary testimonials.  It’s my aim and passion to help illuminate, and educate about colour, whilst being inspirational and fun to work with too. Here are some of my clients listed, which offer an insight into the diversity of work that I love to do.


HONOR Phones

London Festival Hall

“Thank you so much for hosting the Panel yesterday…

you were amazing! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your Colour Profiling sessions and being assessed for their colour palette and the client was very impressed”.

Amanda Armstrong

Mother and Part Time Worker

Everyone is LOVING the new me!

They keep saying how much weight I’ve lost etc! I tell them it’s just that I’m wearing clothes that flatter me, and colours that are right for me. I really can’t thank you enough Jules – you’ve changed my life!

Di Dougherty

TV Presenter

Thank you so much for your consultation Jules!

Since then I have been wearing warmer colours, especially yellow and have noticed the difference. I found it so interesting and I’m a bit nervous about wearing black or cold colours now. I will try and avoid them, or brighten my outfit with a scarf!

National Osteoporosis Society

There has been some really positive feedback

about the tips Jules supplied highlighting how useful it was to have some proper fashion advice.

British Telecom

Thank you so much Jules, super job.

There have been loads of changes; new red ties, shirts, winter coats, colourful scarves, even green make-up – it’s endless!

Ardingly Artsfest

Jules, the feedback on your talk and the workshops was incredible.

You have some real fans here and the school would love to get you back to do more workshops!!! So a massive hit for the festival

Suzie Webb

Singer to the stars

Taking dark clothes away works!

I’m a well known backing vocalist. When performing I often chose to wear black, but after working with Jules I have realized that it’s better to wear colours that go with my skin tones for a softer look. Also, bright colours give me a natural face lift & brighten my eyes on stage.

Jane Morgan

Conference Director Management Matters

The Independent Association of Prep Schools Conference

Jules made all the delegates think carefully about their personal presentation and the impact of appearance on those we meet in our working life. She had many fabulous ideas, and inspired us all to overhaul our wardrobes!

Sophie Green


It’s given me a huge boost.

I now realise that I don’t have to be stick thin to feel good in clothes. It was all so much fun and so easy too! Now I have a much clearer idea of what I should/can wear and shall approach clothes shopping with a lot more confidence!

Janey Lee Grace

TV & Radio Presenter and Author

Jules has done some serious studying on colour

She explains how the right colours can stimulate, enhance, inspire or calm us. Being aware and intuitive about colour can not only enhance your style, but encourage you to really get in touch with your personality. Jules also made me realise that wearing black can often make us look fatter!


The Original Health Spa

Jules hosted a regular event at Champneys

and the ‘Discover your True Colours’ was one of our most sought after events and always a success. She was always so friendly and professional; it was an absolute pleasure working with her.


multinational technology corporation

Jules’s presentation was great,

very well integrated with the brand and extremely interesting We’ve had very positive feedback from the media attendees and the client who all enjoyed learning more about colour”.

Who I have worked with

Ardingly Artsfest, Champneys Spas, Charterhouse School, Cranleigh School, High Road House, Honor Phones, Kvadrat Textiles, LRM Goods, Mastercard, Microsoft, Platinum Magazine, Punter Southall, The British Government, The Independent Association of Prep Schools, The London College of Style, Sackers Law Firm, Sky Sports, Winton Capital Management, Ridley London Fashion, Diva Catwalk, Frangipani Style, Kettlewell Colours, Swarovski.