Why you need them

Jules Standish Colour Analysis

Neutrals have their own powerful psychological properties and here’s why you need them:

They balance outfits and interiors

They calm down bright or bold colours

They are safe

Look classic

Will stay with you forever if you get them right!

What are they?


Shades: jet, onyx

Some positive benefits: protective, chic, smart, slimming (on a Winter), authoritative, an easy choice, simplistic

When to choose black: to wear at work in a position of authority, if feeling vulnerable to keep emotions hidden, for protection, to mingle at an event, to look smart, to show leadership


Shades: concrete, dove, charcoal, slate, gun-metal

Some positive benefits: practical, shows fair judgement, reliability, self-controlled

When to choose grey: at work its professional, combines with all colours, for casual comfort wear


Shades: camel, caramel, chocolate, mocha, taupe, beige, tan, golden, chestnut, coffee, russet

Some positive benefits: grounding, comforting, warming, cosseting, conservative, traditional

When to choose brown: In a tweed outfit, at a country event, to feel safe and secure, looks stunning with orange, turquoise and red!


Shades; brilliant, ivory, buff, nude, soft,

Some positive benefits: For balance and optimism, feeling clear headed and orderly

When to choose white/cream; for a professional look in the warmer months, adds freshness to any outfit, allow ALL colours to shine and is dramatic with black, tres chic with navy!

Find out more

For more information on Colour Analysis and colour psychology, along with the positive benefits of wearing certain colours see the book page “The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing” and click on the link to purchase.