My Colour Prescription


Jules Standish Colour Analysis


Friendly, loyal, orderly

Colourful Comfort Zone:

Cool, soft, and pastel

Dear Summer,

Welcome to your Colour Prescription. As someone who is friendly and creative, I really hope you will love to discover what your happy colours are.

With your diplomatic approach to life and ability to communicate well, you particularly thrive in one-to-one relationships. Your more introverted nature enjoys time to get things done at your own pace. So, wearing your sophisticated, soft, and delicate cool palette will be uplifting and enhance your wonderfully creative side, as well as looking healthy and attractive.

Considering your Summer personality, I have highlighted your key shades below to offer you a sense of equilibrium for your well-being. From the book you will know if are influenced by another season, that makes up your Personal Colour Prescription. So now it’s up to you to choose to combine colours, go monotone or team with a neutral. If you have an autumn influence, you might prefer to wear the stronger shades in your muted palette. If you have a winter influence think jewel tones of blues and purples and those with a hint of spring, may find yourselves drawn to the more vibrant shades of pink, red and yellow.

Finally, I am so happy to be able to offer you your own colour prescriptive digital fan of colour analysis at a great price. With over 100 shades to choose from, for your wardrobe, make-up, and interiors, to download and keep. It’s one of the extra ways I can help give you “A Colourful Dose of Optimism” forever!!

Colourful wishes

The Colour Counsellor



Prescribe if you need to feel more energised, get visible, stand out, feel confident and dynamic. Choose red to show you are passionate, driven, lively, active, ambitious, and of course romantic

In doses that are more pink than red which can feel too “out there” for you. So the raspberry and strawberry shades and watermelon too may suit you best


Prescribe if you need to feel more sociable, happy, confident, optimistic, fun-loving, adventurous, daring, or positive.  A great colour choice if starting anything new for some added enthusiasm and zest 

In doses of very pale pink-peach.  Orange is not a natural colour for your cool palette, but if you feel happy in it, wear it away from your face, or mixed into a pattern perhaps with one of your best summer shades


Prescribe if you need to give yourself a sunshine hug or make someone smile. 

Wear yellow to feel more upbeat, and joyful, get mentally stimulated for any creative project, or if you need to think clearly.  Yellow is also wonderful to increase your self-esteem

In doses that are soft, ice cream shades of lemon


Prescribe if you feel the need to re-balance after an exertion, or an illness hit the refresh button, find some harmony in relationships, make some clear-headed decisions, start a new project, get productive and highlight your friendly nature when out socialising

In doses that are cool and delicate, like mint, apple and light emerald  


Prescribe if you need to find your peaceful place.  Blue is one of your best colours to wear and surround yourself in, particularly as you enjoy spending time at home.  Think about wearing blue if you are going on a date, need to make a speech, for a job interview or just need to communicate in a trustworthy, diplomatic way. 

In doses that are powdery and pastel, sky blue, light blue, aqua, cornflower and cadet navy


Prescribe if you need help with self-expression.  Turquoise provides a balance between body and mind and is playful and uplifting to wear. A great blue choice if you need to communicate and make decisions.

In doses of differing lightness, depending on preference and needs


Prescribe if you feel the need to nurture yourself or others, if you work in a caring profession, want to feel empowered and have some fun or feel romantic

In doses that are best cool and light, carnation, rose, pale fuchsia, muted pink and orchid


Prescribe if you feel the need for mediation in any relationship, to be the peacemaker, find some inspiration to get creative, or choose to meditate and calm your nervous system

In doses that are soft shades of purple, lavender, mauve, pale violet


Prescribe if you feel the need for some stability, grounding or a sense of security and shows you are a dependable and reliable person.

In doses of cool taupe, almond, beige, nude


Prescribe if you feel the need to add a neutral to any of your soft palette of colours as grey being on the cooler side is harmonising for you. It’s professional and practical and shows you have good judgement

In doses of light cool shades like dove, mid charcoal, or metallic silver  

Soft White

Prescribe if you need some freshness, clarity, and order, or want to appear traditional, open-minded, and reassuring. White is like a blank canvas that will allow your summer shades to look lovely and in harmony with your pastels

In doses of cool pearly white, any white with a hint of pink, blue or purple

Summer’s Make-up Boosters

Prescribe if you would like a healthy appearance, with an even complexion, sparkly clear eyes, and a youthful glow.

In doses of cool, pinks and blues. All make up should be in soft rose-pink shades alongside lavender, muted blues, greys, pink and silver for parties. For lips, it’s cool roses or ice cream pinks, light cool red if preferred   

Summer’s Happy Home

Prescribe a home full of soft, delicate fabrics, dainty furnishings, subtle prints, particularly florals, in pastel shades as these will give you the sense of calm and order that makes you feel happy and at ease. You love fabrics like silk and satin and all those that are lovely to touch. Choose mindfully the colours of your rooms, whether you need blue for a calm bedroom to sleep well in, or yellow in your hallway to welcome in the outside world.

In doses of decorating colours that are soft and cool, and often pastel. Particularly blues, like cornflower and sky, the rose pinks and lavender purples which combine harmoniously with your neutral cool greys, almond taupe and pearl white.


A Colourful Dose of Optimism

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