Jules presents workshops for corporate companies, teaches students and conducts individual consultations. She is an expert personal style and colour consultant, passionate about getting women and men into their true colours to look younger and healthier in an instant. As a professional image consultant she specialises in putting personalities on display and turning faults into assets achieving powerful results.

Consider a colour and style consultation a once in a lifetime experience and a great investment, ensuring you always look your best and never make expensive shopping mistakes again!


Ever wonder why people comment on how well you look wearing a particular colour and how tired and drained you appear in others? That’s because you are suited to different colour tones, and to the ones which will be the most supportive psychologically to you.

Aside from the colours you wear makeup is also important because it’s the face you put on to show to the world. The right colours will make your skin look healthy and all your features will come alive and help you to look your best. The wrong colours can drain your complexion, wash you out or even make you look older and let’s not forget about hair colour. It needs to harmonise with your skin tone to make you look your most youthful and attractive.

Having a colour consultation in London or the South East with image consultant Jules will ensure you know how to use colour to make yourself look your most attractive and to feel your best. Then you can choose to learn about your body shape and how to wear clothes that camouflage the negatives and highlight the positives. Whether you’re in London or elsewhere in the South East a personal session with a colour and image consultant like Jules will simply allow you to feel confident about your wardrobe choices, and the way you present yourself to the world.

From one of colour consultant Jules’ clients: “I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful morning. I am walking on air and keep looking at myself in the mirror. My husband didn’t even notice I was wearing makeup just thought I looked incredibly well. Marvellous!”


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