My Books

by Jules Standish

Jules Standish The Colour Counsellor

I’ve written three books; How Not to Wear Black, The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing and

A Colourful Dose of Optimism.

How not to wear black

is a self-help guide for everyone to find out whether they can wear black without damaging their looks and to discover their true colours.

The book forwards a new approach to looking younger, healthier and happier through colour analysis, achieving powerful results. This is the first self-help book of its kind; looking at the colour psychology behind why so many women in particular love to wear black.

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How Not to Wear Black was published in 2011 and instantly went to Number 2 in the Amazon Health and Beauty section and continues to sell Worldwide. It is a self-help guide for everyone to discover whether they can wear black well, as so many people just love to wear it! If you don’t fit into the only seasonal category that does look truly fabulous in it, my book will show you wonderfully practical and simple ways to continue wearing it well, without damaging your looks, ageing prematurely or feeling drained.

This is the first book of its kind that looks at the colour psychology, and science of colour analysis to determine whether black suits you or not. You can also discover through my “Personality Questionnaire” what seasonal type will suit you best, with all the colours of each detailed for everyday and work attire, including make-up and accessories too.

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The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing

is my second book on how mindfulness can also sort out your wardrobe for ultimate well-being.

This book reveals the secrets of how colours psychologically can make you radiate with happiness and confidence, and how you can achieve calm in a frantic world. This is full of practical tips and advice to enhance all areas of your life through the colours you chose in your wardrobe. Discover the power of colour psychology and colour analysis and how it relates to you and every day events and emotional behaviour. 

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The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing is all about colour psychology and how to enhance your image. It talks about the amazingly beneficial properties that colours can have to make your wardrobe a happy place. It also looks at each colour closely to help you choose consciously those colours and shades that can support you emotionally for all life situations and events. This is an invaluable go-to guide of Colour Analysis, to creating mindfulness in your wardrobe.

Discover whether Red is your best choice for a job interview, to show you are driven and confident, or maybe Blue is your favourite colour, and you need to know which shade would best project your personality, for any form of good communication.

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This is what people are saying about it

“I am a dedicated advocate of the link between mindfulness and a great personal style, and Jules Standish’s new book, The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing, excites in easy to follow steps that take you through the transformational process of learning to work beautifully with colour. Jules truly is the “Queen of Colour” in my opinion, passionate in the belief that we all have the potential to look incredible through colour. So if you do one thing just for ‘you’ this year, invest in Jules’s book, s you buy into how lovely you can look and feel with her expert guidance to hand.”

Wendy Elsmore, Director, London College of Style

“Every time Jules is on my show, she gives great advice about choosing the right colours to wear and feel fabulous. Her knowledge about the subject is amazing, having a positive impact on many people’s lives who aren’t happy with their image. Everyone needs to know the impact of colour and Jules is the right person to tell them!”

Chrissy B, Producer & Presenter, The Chrissy B Show

A Colourful Dose of Optimism

is my new book, released in Spring 2022.

If you could write yourself a prescription today would it be for instant happiness and joy, optimism and hope? In the current climate of anxiety and uncertainty, why not take control of the things that you can change in a positive way. It’s time to prescribe yourself some red to raise your glass to half full, some pink for positivity, or yellow to put sunshine into a dull day. Maybe choose blue for a calm outlook, along with balancing green to feel more in control. Now you can discover how to harness the power of colour to turn today’s challenges into hopefulness. Invest in yourself whilst enjoying the feel-good factor of having found your own colourful comfort zone for ultimate well-being.

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Buy the book to reveal the website link to your Colour Prescription IMAGES and for a one off fee, purchase your DIGITAL APP of Colour Analysis

Access over 100 shades that suit your personal palette, whether shopping for clothes, make-up, or home interiors.

In the current climate of anxiety and uncertainty, why not take control of the things that you can change in a positive way. Through a holistic colour diagnostic system I provide you with the ‘Perfect Plan’ for simple, effective, transformative changes in your wardrobe and at home. Backed up with the science of Colour Analysis and colour psychology, I show you how to turn fearful, challenging situations into opportunities to feel happier and more confident.

Discover what your happy colours might look like; how to de-tox and re-build your own unique colour-capsule wardrobe; discover new combinations that will lift your moods; wear your wow colours to work for ultimate confidence and success; relax in colourful comfort clothing; choose a shade for every room in your home by your own colourful palette and personality along with practical combinations to make your environment zing!

It’s time to look on the bright side, by boosting your mood and lifting your spirits, in your interiors, as well as your closet. Give your wardrobe a raise, put the wow into your workwear, and rejoice in the comfort of casual dressing; Turn every room in your home into a harmonious and happy zone for yourself and your family; What you need now is ‘A Colourful Dose of Optimism’ both at work and at play.

This is what people are saying about it

“‘A Colourful Dose of Optimism’ leads you to discovering a more vibrant and exciting way of exploring the world and looking after yourself and your home, for ultimate well-being, and to get you through whatever life may throw at you. Expertly written by Jules Standish who not only lives and breathes her own happy colours but can help you find your colourful comfort zone too by following her simple and extremely effective steps to bring you and your home some very much needed joy and harmony”.

Sian Clarke, Personal Stylist