Jules Standish Colour Analysis

Colour is vital to health, well-being, looking your best and living in harmony. Colour Analysis will create a sustainable wardrobe to wear forever, and is a great investment.

Weaving together the science, physiological and neurological impact that colours have on you every day can be transformational to how you look and feel.

Analysing your individual genetically based colour palette and taking an in-depth look at your personality will determine which of the seasonal categories you belong to.

These colour palettes can be used to make you look your most attractive and feel confident. They can boost your mood, show you how to look good fashionably and enhance your living spaces too.


What it can do for you! The transformational power of colour

Ever had that “wow you look well today” compliment? Well now you can, every day because that’s what wearing your best colours can do for you. Colours can be used as powerful tools for your self-confidence and to boost your moods, having a positive effect on your appearance and how you feel. Everyone is individual, and I champion authenticity. Colours are not a “one size fits all” and my holistic approach to Colour Analysis ensures that each person is treated to a once-in-a-lifetime experience that looks at personality, the genetics of skin-tone, eye and hair colour, along with colour psychology to create the perfect palette for ultimate well-being.

Colour influences us through our eyesight and our skin, which is why wearing the right colours can be so transformational. We all respond emotively to colour in a different way and are often drawn to colours that we need at any given time in our lives. Colours have powerful energies and making their vibrational benefits conscious, enables us to mindfully choose those shades that can positively affect us by releasing happy hormones.


During a Colour Analysis consultation I look at the complexion as closely as a cosmetic surgeon might do when deciding how to improve a client’s appearance.

Choosing the correct colours for your individual skin tone and appearance, can instantly create a youthful and healthy glow and  has a similar transformational effect as a surgical face lift or other anti-ageing procedure. I aim to ensure that my clients look as attractive as possible through the holistic Colour Analysis system I use.  

Firstly I take you through a fun and insightful “Personality Questionnaire. Then with a magnifying glass I will do an “Eye analysis”, followed by a full colour draping.  

Finally, we put all of this together, with those colours that suit you best and harmonise with your true nature, tying in your temperament to ensure you always shine in your own unique way, forever more! Sometimes I will carry out a make-up session too. 



At the end of the Colour Analysis consultation, I will give you a Personalised Colour Fan

as a guide to help you coordinate your wardrobe, accessories, cosmetics and interior colours too. This promises to make shopping easier in future and fun, saving you money in the long term. Each fan has its own characteristics and is therefore a reflection of your skin tone, eye colour and pattern, hair colour along with your personality.

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