Helping to educate, illuminate and entertain

With many years of experience as a Colour Consultant and stylist, it gives me great pleasure to be able to provide to others professional and transformational advice via my talks and presentations -  a truly life-enhancing experience.

I am passionate about educating women (and men) on colour and style and talking to people of all ages and audiences of all sizes.

  • Boutique Brunch, Goodwood  -   I presented in front of over 300 women in total demonstrating the power of colour analysis.  ”She entertained and taught new skills to the women in her “style workshops” and was a true professional in every way” - Emma Schwarz, Founder: The Rare Brand Market and The Mail-Order Market.
  • Mastercard  -  I presented a corporate “How NOT to Wear Black” event to female executives.  Organiser Surabhi Bishnoi said - “The event was a great success – the women are really talking about it”.
  • Management Matters Heads of Pre-Prep Conference  -  my talk on “Managing Your Personal Presentation” “was very well received.  Delegates found it both useful and enjoyable - "an excellent combination!” Larraine Curzon, Courses & Conference Manager, The Independent Association of Prep Schools.
  • Ardingly College  -  I presented “How NOT to Wear Black” to teachers and parents and one “man in black” Father David who proudly showed everyone present his “orange” socks!


During my talks, the topics I cover include:-

How colours relate psychologically to one's personality
How to uncover the secret in the eyes
How to reveal colours to match skin tone
How to find out what colour make up to wear
How never to make expensive shopping mistakes again
What new fashion trends to wear for individual body shapes

My inspirational approach shows how unlocking the secrets of the eyes and matching personality types with true colours will help men and women to discover their true potential.

I impart fascinating insight into the whole field of colour as it relates to each individual.
This can have practical and profitable results, which will be beneficial forever and one of the best investments you will ever make.

If you would like to organise a talk or presentation, please contact me via the CONTACT section and fill out the form, I will respond to your enquiry as soon as is possible.