The transformational power of colour


Simply by looking into your eyes, I can tell you your skin tone, and by completing my questionnaire I can tell you which personality type you are.  Along with the foundation test and colour draping, I will be able to show you exactly which colours suit you best.

Ever wondered why people comment on how well you look wearing a particular colour and how tired and drained you appear in others? That’s because everyone is suited to different colour tones, and to the ones which will be the most psychologically supportive  to them.

For example, wearing black can make a naturally extrovert personality have to work harder to express themselves or it can even make them feel physically drained and exhausted.  It can also age the skin tone by bringing out dark circles under the eyes and lines on the face.  However, black on someone with a cool skin tone looks fantastic and will enhance their sophistication, thus demonstrating how each individual has their own characteristics.

A colour analysis consultation with me in London or the South East takes around two hours and is a once in a lifetime experience that will change your life forever – never again make costly mistakes with clothes or make up – a truly worthwhile investment!

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At the end of your colour consultation I will give you a Personalised Colour Fan as a guide to help you coordinate your wardrobe, accessories and cosmetics effortlessly, which will make shopping easier in future, and save you money in the long term!

Everyone’s colouring is individual and each fan has its own characteristics and is therefore a reflection of your skin tone, eye pattern, health and personality.  It can be used in every aspect of your life; hair colour, bags, belts, interior design and all lifestyle choices.

Colours have a very powerful effect on personality, emotions and physical appearance and are a vital factor in health, beauty and self confidence.  By understanding what colours suit you through a colour analysis, it is possible to achieve an inner confidence to make yourself feel good because you know you look great.

Colour influences us through our eyesight and also our skin, which is why wearing the right colours can be so transformational.  We all respond to colour in a different way and are often drawn to colours that compliment our own personal aura – the energy field that surrounds every living being.  The vibrational energy of each colour affects our energetic field by draining, stimulating or balancing.

It was in the 1920’s that Johannes Itten developed the colour wheel, expressing colours in a “cold” and “warm” appearance – yellow, orange and red being at the warm end of the spectrum, with blue, violet and magenta at the cold end.  Green sits in the middle of the two.  He perceived that colour choices complemented different peoples skin, hair and eyes, and from these observations the skin colour analysis tests were created.